Maria Teresa de Filipis

Italian Maria Teresa de Filipis had a short but successful career in motorsports, which opened up the opportunity for her to become the first woman to drive a car in Formula One.

Billie Jean King

The name of Billie Jean King could be familiar to many; this Californian established herself as one of the legends of tennis. However, her legacy isn’t limited to the courts. career, but especially her fight and the impact she has had thus far, let’s review her story.

Women’s football: Forbidden

The history of women’s football has a time of which we know almost nothing: the period of prohibition.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Eunice Kennedy Shriver is a global reference in the fight for the rights and inclusion of people with learning challenges. In this way, sport became the tool par excellence to achieve it; thus the Special Olympics were born.


We will learn more about the rules and the history of this discipline that seeks to grow internationally.

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