The Club

What is the Hera’s Sports Club?

In honor of the Heraean Games, the oldest recorded athletic event on female participation, the Hera’s Sports Club was created: a platform dedicated to exploring and sharing the stories about women in sports.

Women on the courts, in the pools, in the stands, in the streets. Women in executive or managerial positions, women on the TV screen and in the newspapers, women on the bench; with a focus on those that have been pioneers: whether they are the first to practice a sport professionally, to achieve a record or a feat, to knock down walls, limits and prejudices.

It is they who inspired us to be part of this exciting world of sports, from any of its angles.


Mariana Bellorín Aguilera

Graduated from the U… U… UCV. Sports journalist with experience in printed media, social media management and digital communication.

Hera’s Sports Club is a personal project that hopes to become a platform dedicated to exploring and sharing the stories of women in sport (and a nod to Abran Cancha, my undergraduate thesis that collected the experiences of Venezuelan journalists).

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